HYDMECH is a worldwide leader in metal band saw and cold saw technology and metal sawing solutions over the past thirty plus years, offering a wide range of sawing machines, from unique, portable band saws to 200” mitering, horizontal band saws, horizontal pivot band saws, horizontal pivot band saws heavy-duty, and vertical band saws. The saws are available in several different series, Capital offers the H-Series, S-Series, M-Series and the V-Series.

The H-Series saws are tough machines, designed to handle the demands of fabricators, steel service centres, machine shops, forging and die shops, and metal service centres. The H-Series is available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes of operation with cutting capacities up to 80”.

The S-Series are Horizontal Pivot Band Saws, these saws were industry’s first-ever to incorporate swing-head capability. The S-Series are versatile, miter-cutting, scissors style machines designed for multiple medium duty applications at oil refineries and machine shops, fabrication shops, trailer manufacturers, automotive shops, and more.

The M-Series Horizontal Pivot Band Saws are fully hydraulic, heavy-duty scissor-style machines that withstand the high demands of machine and fabrication shops, trailer and automotive manufacturers, and more to easily cut tubing, channels, angles, solids, light to medium grade alloys, as well as non-ferrous and stainless materials.

The V-Series these are heavy-duty, high-performance vertical tilt frame saws that have the flexibility for cutting two-way miters. The V Series is available in semi-automatic and automatic modes of operation with cutting capacities up to 30″ and bar feeds from 40” to 120”.

Through the various Series HYDMECH offers, they can help you meet your sawing challenges with solutions that’ll make a sharp difference to production’s bottom line.

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