Tandem Drill and Robotic Coper

Tandem Drill and Robotic Coper 2016-05-23T15:47:32+00:00

Tandem Drill and Robotic Coping System


The drill/coper tandem system has many advantages such as:

  • Requires less than half the space of a conventional split system
  • Smaller capital investment
  • Single operator
  • The drill operator no longer waits for the coper operator or vice versa
  • Positioning of the coper after the drill eliminates the minimum length finished part that can be off loaded on the exit side of the system.
  • One common CNC control and software controls all of the functions of the coper and the drill automatically.
  • The robot can be furnished with oxy-fuel and plasma torches with an automatic torch changer to maximize the versatility and productivity
  • Full robotic programmable motion for weld prep in both flanges and the web
  • Ability to cut the bottom sides of tubes
  • Optimized routines copes the trailing end of one section, leading end of the next section and cuts the sections to length in one optimized cycle
  • Local serviceability of the PC
  • Low maintenance cost due to the utilization of a standard PC platform
  • The Ficep software eliminates the requirement for additional hardware such as third party axis control boards, PLC hardware and encoder switching boards
  • The Ficep Windows based control is provided with the proprietary Ficep software for remote diagnostics through an internet connection.
  • Full single and compound miter cutting so the flange cuts accurately align with the web miter angle.
  • Full integration of drilling, coping, end preparation, cut off and more!!!!

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