Single Spindle Drills

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Victory 11 CNC Single Spindle Drill


The Ficep Victory 11 is uniquely different than the concept of traditional CNC drill lines. This product line features a movable spindle that rapidly travels the entire length of the material. Once the s pindle is at the programmed position, top and bottom internal clamps quickly secures the material as the drill positions to the programmed gauge line and commences drilling.

The versatility of this CNC system can be exhibited when processing the following typical applications:

  • Flange drilling
  • Web drilling
  • Automatic sequencing from one section to the next
  • Angles
  • Plate detail
  • Structural tubes

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Our wireless remote control system eliminates up to 30% of the operators movements as he does not constantly have to walk up to 60′ in each direction just to start the process on the next section. In addition the operator always has access to the emergency stop on his wireless remote to assure safe operation.

Our competitor promotes drilling speed at 6 3/8 inches per minute for 500 holes in 66 minutes and 45 seconds. At the end of the 500 holes the beam could not be wetter if it fell in the ocean! Take a look at what drilling at 13 inches per minute (without coolant running down the beam) gets you with the Victory 11 DX. A hole approximately every 5 seconds or 500 holes in just 43 minutes and 26 seconds!


Victory 11 CNC Single Spindle Drill

  • Requires less than one-half the space of a conventional CNC drill line.
  • The value of the investment is less than half that of a multiple spindle drilling line.
  • Wireless remote control enhances the operator’s productivity by 30% over designs without this feature!
  • The self contained design of the Victory 11 eliminates the need to have any trailing cables, wires and hoses dragging through drill chips as found on competitive designs.
  • The Victory 11 features a Windows based CNC control for local serviceability and the ability for our tech support group to remotely trouble shoot a problem should it develop.
  • The monthly cost to purchase this CNC line is traditionally less than the cost of a layout man with benefits!
  • Typically the payback is one year or less!

Orient 12 Model 1201 DF
Single/Double Spindle CNC Drill Line


The Orient 12 Model 1201 DF CNC drill line processes material in a conventional fashion as the sections are positioned automatically to the required length dimension along the infeed and outfeed conveyor. The single or dual spindles of the 1201 DF automatically rotate up to a full 180 degrees in less then one second to accommodate any hole requirements in either flange or the web.

This system is equipped as standard with a six-position automatic tool changer to not only facilitate different holes size requirements but such applications as countersinking, milling for slotted holes and tapping. The proprietary Ficep software automatically determines when a tool is dull and changes this automatically to a re-sharpened tool.

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Orient 12 Single or Dual Spindle CNC Drill Line

  • Low investment for a quick return
  • Simple construction
  • Extremely versatile
  • Automatic tool changer as standard
  • Ball screw spindle feed with 2,500 RPM for carbide tools
  • Milling of slotted holes when required
  • The Orient 12 features a Windows based CNC control for local serviceability and the ability for our tech support group to remotely trouble shoot a problem should it develop