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The world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD CAM software

Radan is the total CAD, CAM solution for the sheet metal industry. We understand that metal is precious in your business and with our software, your company can significantly reduce inventory and increase material utilisation, allowing you to realise true return on your investment.

Our strength is in providing world class innovative solutions that give you the software applications that are essential to design (2D & 3D), manufacture (Punching, Profiling, Nesting and Bending) and control production (cost estimation, process management) of sheet metal components and products.


Radan – RadbendCNC
RadbendCNC is a comprehensive solution for CNC programming of press brake machines. RadbendCNC enables companies to programme their press brakes offline as well as full 3D-model simulation of the bending process.

The software includes advanced features such as automatic bend sequence calculation, automatic tool selection and automatic finger stop placement offering simple programming and high productivity.



Radan – Radpunch
Radpunch brings advanced punch press CNC programming to the Radan family. Combining sophisticated technology with unrivalled ease-of-use, Radpunch delivers maximum productivity for your engineering staff and machine tools.

Radpunch supports most machine tools available worldwide today and integrates seamlessly with Radprofile to provide a comprehensive solution for combination machines such as punch/laser or punch/plasma.


Radan – Radnest
Radnest is a highly efficient nesting package that enhances either Radpunch or Radprofile. Incorporating fully generalised nesting that analyses the true shape of components, Radnest can dramatically increase sheet utilisation and deliver substantial material cost savings.