Titan III


Product Details

Powerful productivity, strength, and flexibility. The Titan III features new linear ways in the Y-Axis, along with a new rack and pinion design.


The Titan III features new linear ways in the Y-Axis, along with a new rack and pinion design. Wider end trucks allow for the electrical cabinets to mount within the truck for better protection against the harsh cutting and heat environments as well as providing a cleaner look to the machine.

The Titan III combines Y-Axis linear ways with SureTrack pitch line rack and pinion drives to provide the smoothest cut edge and precise holes ever. Wider end trucks with maximum guide roller spread further stabilizes the X-Axis motion for the utmost cut edge performance. Designed to address your cutting and marking needs in a variety of industries, the new Titan III can be configured with high definition Plasma torches and Oxyfuel torches.

The Titan III truly has Incredible Strength, Flexibility, and Performance. That’s Powerful Productivity!


  • Cutting widths from 6’ to 14’
  • Standard cutting lengths up to 150 feet
  • Machine motion accuracy; +/- .010” accuracy; .010” repeatability (compensated machine motion in 72”) measured with a laser interferometer
  • Cut material from 26 ga. to 8” thick plate
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Contouring speeds up to 400 ipm
  • Positioning speeds up to 1,700 ipm
  • Reinforced steel weldment construction with high rigidity beam (less than 0.001” bend and 0.002 degrees of twist)
  • Machined mating surfaces and bores (critical tolerances of 0.002” maintained)
  • Powertrack in both axes is standard
  • Up to eight torch stations (maximum two plasma stations)
  • Up to three stations will cover full rated cutting width
  • Global ControlPLUS, Windows®, based with easy to use operator interface
  • Right or left hand mounted control console with tilt and swivel for operator comfort
  • Virtual Service™ remote consultation and diagnostics
  • Surestop station collision protection with easy and accurate reset
  • Advanced Oxyfuel technology provides consistent piercing and faster cutting
  • High productivity Smart Lifters
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to machine tool and ISO 230-2 standards
  • UL available


  • Precision Plasma up to 800 amps
  • DeltaPlasma Bevel Unit
  • TurboFlame or ALFA Oxyfuel torches
  • Manual Plasma stripping bevel unit for the X-Axis
  • Advanced Oxyfuel technology with Omniflow automated gas regulation system
  • Auto torch spacing with programmable torch selection
  • Torch ignitor, and automatic height control for Oxyfuel systems
  • High-speed automated Oxyfuel cutting
  • Rotary rail cleaners with rack air purge
  • Beveling of weld prep surfaces; straight line and contour, Oxyfuel and Plasma, single torch and multi-torch
  • Various plate markers: Plasma, Airscribe, Pneumatic Punch, Zinc Powder, Ink Jet, and Pin Stamp®
  • Video Camera
  • Laser Pointer
  • Global Reporter
  • Programming and nesting software
  • Electric drilling up to ½”
  • Operator glare curtain
  • Zoned exhaust tables, including self-cleaning Slagger®
  • Messer dust collection system
  • Exhaust ducting kits
  • Material handling systems
  • Sentry Service preventative maintenance program

Model A
Max. Table
Machine Rail
Machine Working
Overall Machine
Titan 6 88.00 105.50 185.50 221.50
Titan 8 112.00 129.50 209.50 245.50
Titan 10 136.00 153.50 233.50 269.50
Titan 12 160.00 177.50 257.50 293.50
Titan 14 184.00 201.50 281.50 317.50
Titan 16 208.00 225.50 305.50 341.50

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