Safan E-Brake 35-130 Premium

E Brake 35 130T Premium

Product Details

SafanDarley’s fourth generation E-Brake adds new advantages to existing E-Brake technology, which has now proven itself worldwide. The E-Brake Premium electric press brake is the successor to the current E-Brake up to 100T. A key characteristic is the new design, which significantly improves the ergonomics. The controls are also given a new design and are Industry 4.0-ready, meaning that they interface with external systems.


The new SafanDarley E-Brake Premium has been optimized further in order to profit from the acceleration options and the other convenient servo characteristics. This not only makes the E-Brake very fast in rapid traverse, but also during the full cycle. With the  E-Control control system, cycle times are also far shorter than with conventional press brakes, partly through the fast backgauge. In comparison tests, the SafanDarley E-Brake is shown to be up to 30% faster than a conventional electric press brake.

E-Brake Sizes: 39 Ton x 50” – 44 Ton x 60” – 55 Ton x 80” –  88 Ton x 100” – 110 Ton x 122” – 143 Ton x 122” – 143 Ton x 161”

  • Open Height: – Standard 23.22” – Optional 25.59”– 27.16”
  • Large stroke length: 11.81” – Standard
  • Servo-electronic drive with a belt pulley system
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Rarely needs any bed crowning due to the belt and pulley construction
  • Bending speeds of up to 1” /sec., bending cycle times cut by a minimum of 30%
  • SafanDarley E-C 20 Split Screen Control with 2D Profile Programming and Tool Set Up Monitor
  • 3D Bending Simulation when combined with off-line programming
  • Standard Integrated Safety-Light Curtains  – Allow machine actuation when light curtains are broken
  • Stable backgauge that operates across the full working width of the machine.
  • CNC-controlled X- and Y-axes come standard; optionally also Z1-Z2 axes and Delta X axis for side gauging parts.
Premium Model Tonnage Bed Length Maximum stroke in inches Q-dimension in inches Rapid Approach Speed inch/min Bending speed max. in inch/min Return speed in inch/min Motor power in kW Weight
in lb
35-1250 39 50″ 11.81 23.22 449″ 48 449″ 11 10,800
40-1600 44 60″ 11.81 23.22 449″ 48 449″ 11 11,905
50-2050 55 80″ 11.81 23.22 378″ 48 378″ 11 13,450
80-2550 88 100″ 11.81 23.22 213″ 48 213″ 11 15,210
100-3100 110 120″ 11.81 23.22 177″ 48 177″ 11 16,535
130-3100 143 120″ 11.81 23.22 307″ 48 307″ 15 19,731
130-4100 143 160″ 11.81 23.22 260″ 48 260″ 15 23,150

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