ProtoMAX Waterjet Machines

ProtoMAX waterjet machines

Product Details

The first powerful, compact abrasive waterjet. ProtoMAX offers an enclosed, 12″x 12″ cutting bed and the 5 hp pump delivers 30,000 PSI cutting power. The included Intelli-MAX software is easy-to-use and powerful. This personal waterjet is the answer to space and budget constraints.


Powerful, personal abrasive waterjet.

Ballbar Circularity +/- 0.16″
Multi Axis Cutting 3 Axis, Manual Z
Cutting Nozzle ProtoMAX nozzle
Cutting Bed Sizes 12″ x 12″
Cutting Bed Weight Capacity 50 lbs/ sq ft
Drive System Lead screw drives
Taper compensation not included
Software Intelli-MAX Proto
Standard Options ProtoMAX Direct Drive 5HP
Cutting Heads and Related Accessories
Motorized Z not included
Tilt-A-Jet not included
A-Jet not included
Vacuum Assist not included
Pneumatic Drill not included
Terrain Follower not included
Precision Optical Locator not included
Laser Feature Finder not included
Rotary Axis not included
Abrasive Handling not included
Solids Removal System not included
Large Capacity Feed Hopper not included
Laminar Filter not included
Water Handling not included
Rapid Water Level Control not included
WRS not included
RO System not included
Swivel Plumbing not included

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