Mazak FG -220 DDL

Mazak FG 220 DDL

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3D Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machines.


Mazak FG-220 DDL
Direct Diode Laser Technology for Tube and Structural Applications

The Mazak FG-220 DDL is designed for rugged performance and precision 3D laser cutting all while utilizing the next generation in laser-cutting technology, direct diode laser (DDL). This machine has the ability to cut a large range of tube and pipe whether round, square, rectangular and triangular. In addition, the FG-220 DDL can completely process I and H beams, angle iron and additional user defined shapes. The FG-220 DDL features both high precision and great 3D flexibility.

Due to its rigid construction, cast frame and four chuck work support system, the FG-220 DDL extends your work envelope. The four chuck system provides greater rigidity in the cut zone allowing for more weight, larger diameters and longer lengths.

Precision 3D cutting capabilities reduces the time for secondary processes such as bending, welding, assembly, etc. The 6-axis laser with automated load/unload functions that handle mill-length pipe and structural materials. This machine can also cut any desired angle for weld prep, plus achieve the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of assemblies.

Mazak has engineered a proprietary 3D cutting head that maximizes flexibility and the range of movement which expands the range of applications possible with the FG 220 DDL.

Mazak’s exclusive direct diode technology is a breakthrough laser platform that delivers higher performance and reliability over traditional fiber or other solid state laser generation systems. The DDL laser allows for a reduce head effected zone with improve surface quality and faster cutting speeds.

TUBE Specifications 4.0kW
Material Shape Round, square and other pipe shapes. Structural material such as H, I and L beams.
Maximum Workpiece Length Loading 320 in (optional 486)
  Unloading 314 in (optional 480)
Maximum Material Diameter Round 8.66 in
  Square 6.00 in
Maximum Workpiece Weight/Piece 794 lb
Stroke X chuck left/right 356.50 in
  U chuck left/right 353.90 in
  V chuck left/right 91.14 in
  Y head back/forth 38.78 in
  Z head up/down 15.57 in
  A head rotation ±99,999.999 degrees
  B head swing ±135 degrees
Height of Chuck Center 37.40 in
Maximum Material Thickness * Mild Steel 0.875 in
  Stainless Steel 0.375 in
  Aluminum 0.375 in
Rapid Travel Speed X, U, V axis 3,937 ipm
  Y axis 1,417 ipm
  Z axis 1,181 ipm
  A, B axis 9,600 degrees/min
  C axis 20,000 degrees/min
Total Electrical Requirement 70.9 kVA
Installation Dimensions W x D 850 in x 300 in
Machine Unit Dimensions W x D x H 846.7 in x 298.1 in x 107.6 in
Machine Unit Weight 46,143 lbs
CPU 64 bit
Display Screen 15 in Color LCD
Number of Control Axes 32
Position Detection System Encoder
Minimum Command Unit 0.0001 in
Program Input System EIA/IS

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