MAV – Variable Geometry Press – 3 Roll


Product Details

The MAV is DAVI’s best solution for very heavy duty applications with a plate thickness of 3-4 inches and above. Its press roll design is very easy to operate. The top roll moves up and down as the two sides rolls move in and out to change bed width.

Variable geometry allows the side rolls to be adjusted independently for maximum leverage and the shortest flat end possible. This roll is equipped with a patented Servo-tronic synchronized roll parallel control using hydraulic and electronic systems simultaneously for the most accurate parallel system on the market.

Davi rolls are “100% Made in Italy” and comply with the highest ISO 9002:2008 certification standards. To nearly eliminate the possibility of the plate slipping, DAVI’s MAV used three independent hydraulic motors and gearboxes.

RANGE For plate thickness from 80-100mm (3-4 inches) and above, it’s the best solution for very heavy duty applications in materials with medium to high yields and ultimate tensile strength. It’s been designed with many advancements and exclusive benefits.

PRESS-ROLL DESIGN As in a press brake, the MAV’s top roll moves in an up and down direction while the two side rolls move in and out, changing the bed width, like the bed of a brake. Very easy to operate.”

“The plate is fed by the rotation of the rolls and as it is fed through around the top roll, the necessary diameter is achieved.

VARIABLE GEOMETRY The “variable” geometry of the MAV allows the operator to move each side roll in and out independently to optimize the best “leverage” for any application. Unlike other “fixed” side roll three roll machines, the side roll can be positioned to minimize the flat end, thus allowing the MAV to have the shortest flat end possible.
By moving the side rolls away from the top roll as far as possible, the bed can be increased to roll the thickest plate in the industry. All three rolls can be tilted and moved independently for a large angle during cone rolling.


SERVO-TRONIC The patented, state-of-the-art Servo-Tronic synchronized roll parallel control uses hydraulic and electronic systems simultaneously for the most accurate parallel system on the market over the rolls using just hydraulic, mechanical (torsion bar) or electronic systems.

DAVI TECHNOLOGY Davi uses only the most state-of-the-art technology, integrating digital Roll by Wire, permanent lubrication and dual Servo-tronic parallel system allowing for ease of operation to produce quality parts accurately and reliably and ensuring the most maintenance-free plate roll on the market today.

ISO-MADE IN ITALY Davi is proud to say that all of the plate rolls produced are “100% Made in Italy”, producing machines that comply with the tight ISO 9001:2008 certification standards which are a MUST in today’s competitive production environments. Like its Italian high-tech neighbors such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ducati etc., Davi benefits from the engineering “passion” of its local area to build plate rolls with the most technological advancements in the market.

The MAV is the only plate roll of this kind with three independently powered rolls, mounted directly to each roll shaft to offer the market’s most powerful torque transmission available. Standard feature on other brands offer only the top roll powered, with brakes for the idle side rolls making thin, narrow or large diameter cylinders hard to feed properly. Optional auxiliary motors can be offered on request, but these are small and with not much power.

THREE HYDRAULIC MOTORS The Davi MAV uses three independent hydraulic motors and three gearboxes splined directly to each powered roll nearly eliminating the possibility of the plate slipping and ensuring excellent plate movement through the rolls. On larger capacity machines, incorporated into the top roll is the Davi Multi-Motor, using three or four hydraulic motors to power the main gear drive. This allows the machine to continue to produce during maintenance on one of the motors, avoiding costly downtime.

ACCURATE FEEDING Unlike other brands using brake linings that wear out, Davi incorporates the safety of automatic and hydraulic assisted braking for all three powered rolls to ensure accurate plate feeding.

EXCLUSIVE TOP ROLL TILTING In cone rolling applications, the Davi MAV uses an exclusive self-aligning and tilting top roll housing (vs. the rigid housing of machines on other brands), which tilts the top roll up more than 100mm (4 inches) allowing larger angles on heavy cones quickly and accurately. Other plate roll manufacturers, usually, can only tilt the side rolls 50 mm (2 inches) and the top roll only 10-20mm (1/2 to 3/4″), dangerously pressing on its shaft, due to the rigid housing.

DAVI MAV structure is extremely rigid and compact:

DAVI MAV, specifically the largest capacity models, have an innovative “pull-power-design”. This design allows the cylinders to “pull” down the top roll pressing it down onto the plate. This eliminates any physical deflections or mechanical backlash of the frame while ensuring maximum power in the rolling process.

Other brands, instead, “push” (with one or both cylinders) the top roll from the top onto the plate. This “pushing” adds stress and deflection into the machine frame and increases the mechanical play. This results in less accuracy and rigidity of the entire machine.

The MAV’s side roll hydraulic cylinders are “built-in” to the frame, mounted “on the inside”, allowing them to be strongly and positively “locked” into the structure of the machine, for more rigidity and higher performance. Many other brands, instead, “bolt-on” the cylinders from the outside of the frame, attaching them with dozens of retaining screws, with high risk of leaks, looseness and wear, and much less rigidity in the entire system.

The two machine frames are connected by two large and heavy H-beams, to ensure the maximum of rigidity and compactness of the entire machine. Common to many competitors, the base under their frames is less sturdy and rigid, which results in enlarging the machine’s overall footprint.

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