M-Shear 510-6 TS200


Product Details


Standard Specifications

  • Touch Screen control, type TS200 with TFT colour monitor on a swivel arm
  • CNC controlled backgauge
  • Automatic clearance and cutting-angle adjustment
  • Automatic retraction of the backgauge for narrow strip widths
  • Adjustable starting and end stopping position for the entire length of the cutting beam
  • Backgauge supports equipped with ball screws and play free linear guides
  • Maintenance free cutting beam guides
  • Fine adjustment of backgauge parallelism
  • Adjustable hold down cylinders
  • Push-on adiprene covers for the hold down cylinders
  • Blades with 4 cutting edges, suitable for shearing stainless steel (max. tensile strength 54,4 US ton per square inch)
  • Cutting line lighting with cutting line indication
  • 2 support arms, adjustable over the entire width of the table (length is approx. 47,24 inches  from the cutting line)
  • 2 squaring guides on the right and left sides of the table (across the entire table width)
  • 2 rulers in the table
  • T slots and hand slots spread across the width of the table
  • 1 T slot on the front of the table
  • 2 spring-action stops
  • Key switch (3 positions)
  • Safety features complying with the European Machine Directive
  • Finger guard
  • Filled oil reservoir
  • Foundation plates

Technical specifications:

  • Cutting length 78”
  • cutting capacity (420 N/mm²) .237”
  • of strokes adjustable, min.-max. 14-32
  • Back gauge workable length 37”
  • Length support arms (from blade)  18”
  • Back gauge speed inch/sec  87”
  • of hold down jacks 30
  • Maximum hold down force kN 440
  • rake angle degree  0,5
  • rake angle degree  1,5
  • Power main motor kW  15
  • Main supply voltage 3/N/PE – 50Hz – 400/230V
  • Weight  30,360

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