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Meet our General Purpose Welding Robot


Now lighter, faster, heavier payload capacity than the previous model, making the FD-V8 even more precise than the previous model.

The FD-V8 is suitable for virtually all MIG, MAG, CO2, and TIG welding applications, and Air Plasma Cutting applications. The FD-V8 may be used for common materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, as well as other exotic metals.

Item Specifications
Structure Vertical articulated type
Number of axes 6
Max payload capacity 8 kg
Positional repeatability +/- 0.08mm *Note 1*
Drive system AC servo motor
Drive capacity 3016 w
Position feedback Absolute encoder
Working Range Arm Axis J1 (Rotation) +/- 170° (+/-50) *Note 2*
Axis J2 (Lower) -155°~+90°
Axis J3 (Upper) -170°~+190°
Wrist Axis J4 (Swing) +/- 180°
Axis J5 (Bending) -50°~+230°
Axis J6 (Twist) +/- 360°
Max. Velocity Arm Axis J1 (Rotation) 4.19 rad/s {240°/s} (3.32 rad/s {190°/s}
*Note 3*
Axis J2 (Lower) 4.19 rad/s {240°/s}
Axis J3 (Upper) 4.01 rad/s {230°/s}
Wrist Axis J4 (Swing) 7.50 rad/s {430°/s}
Axis J5 (Bending) 7.50 rad/s {430°/s}
Axis J6 (Twist) 11.00 rad/s {630°/s}
Wrist Load Allowable Movement Axis J4 (Swing) 17.6 N*m
Axis J5 (Bending) 17.6 N*m
Axis J6 (Twist) 7.8 N*m
Allowable Movement of Inertia Axis J4 (Swing) 0.43 kg*m²
Axis J5 (Bending) 0.43 kg*m²
Axis J6 (Twist) 0.09 kg*m²
Arm operation cross-sectional area 3.11m² x 340°
Ambient conditions 0~45°C,20 ~ 80%RH (No condensation)
Mass (weight) 140 kg
Upper arm payload capacity 10 kg *Note 4*
Installation type Floor, ceiling or wall hanging type
Paint color White (Munsell value 10gy9/1)


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