Excalibur 12 CNC


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Single Spindle Drill

The Ficep Excalibur 12 which was introduced in 2010 is uniquely different than all other single spindle CNC drill lines previously engineered by Ficep since the first units in the 70’s.


 A non-contact laser is incorporated into the vertical clamp to establish the physical location of the web surface.

Our wireless remote control system eliminates up to 30% of the operator’s movements as he does not constantly have to walk up to 60 ft. in each direction just to start the process on the next section.

In addition, the operator always has access to the emergency stop on his wireless remote to assure safe operation.

This system is equipped, as standard, with a six-position automatic tool changer to not only facilitate different holes size requirements but such applications as scribing, countersinking, milling for slotted holes and tapping.

The proprietary Ficep software automatically determines when a tool is dull and changes this automatically to a re-sharpened tool.


Excalibur 12 CNC Single Spindle Drill

  • Requires less than one-half the spaceof a conventional CNC drill line.
  • The value of the investment isless than half that of a multiple spindle drilling line.
  • Wireless remote control enhances the operator’s productivity by 30%over designs without this feature!
  • The non contact laser probing system accurately locates the flange holes relative to the web without any time loss to probe the web surface!
  • The Excalibur 12 features a Windows based CNC controlfor ease of operator familiarity and the ability for our tech support group to assist the operator or remotely troubleshoot a problem should it develop.
  • The monthly cost to purchase this CNC line is traditionally less than the cost of a layout man with benefits!
  • Typically the payback is one year or less!

This new product line features an exclusive secondary “X” axis with improved accuracy and productivity as it is not necessary to unclamp, reposition and re-clamp for each “X” axis (length axis) movement. This capability also permits scribing on all four surfaces to eliminate all manual layout which can be automatically imported from such CAD systems as SDS2 or Tekla. The secondary axis also provides the ability to generate slotted holes, copes and large holes that exceed the maximum capability of the Excalibur 12.

The versatility of this CNC system can be exhibited when processing the following typical applications:

  • Flange drilling
  • Web drilling
  • Scribing
  • Milling
  • Automatic sequencing from one section to the next
  • Drilling of angles
  • Processing of plate detail
  • Drilling of structural tubes

Cost Comparison Calculator – Current Methods of Production vs. The Excalibur 12

Volume Comparison Calculator – What Volume could I achieve with The Excalibur 12?

Victory II Excalibur 12
Number of spindles 1
Horsepower per spindle 22 25
Spindle speed range (RPM) 180 -5000 170 -3000
Independent sub axis capability No Yes
Optional scribing on four sides No Yes
Maximum hole size 1-9/16″ 1-11/16″
Maximum section depth 39 3/8″ 47″
Diameters per head with tool changer 1 6

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