EUROMAC mtx plus FLEX 12 hybrid

Euromac 12

Product Details


Beyond the characteristics common to all EUROMAC punching machines, MTX FLEX 12 shows the following features:

6 D station, of which 3 programmable index stations 360° with an increment of 0.01° (D size).

The EUROMAC MTX turret allows you to Choose the Setup you Need and change it anytime you have to.

Up to 66 Tools in one setup, up to 18 Indexable tools in one setup (see MTX):

6 B stations with up-forming system
Each D station can be equipped with single Thick Turret tools, EUROMAC Multitools 4 – 6 – 10 stations style tooling.
Each B station can accommodate any type of B tool, but they are ideal for forming tools since the die can lower while the tool is not active
Brush Standard table.

Automatic clamp setting.

Max. strokes in nibbling mode: 1000 strokes/min.

Max. strokes in marking mode: 2000 strokes/min.

FLEX System: full control of the ram speed, acceleration and dwell time.

CPS system which allows special functions of punching, thread tapping, nibbling, bending, forming, engraving, beading, marking.


mtx flex
Max. punching force (kN) 300 220
Y axis with Multitool/Monopunch (mm)
Y = 1250 1300 / 1250
Y = 1500 1550/1500
X axis (mm) 1300 / 2250 / 2500 2500
Automatic repositioning in X (mm) up to 10.000 up to 10.000
Numerically control stroke depth (mm) from 0.1 to 31 from 0.1 to 31
Hydraulic servomotor controlled system standard standard
Position accuracy (mm) +/-0.05 +/-0.05
Precision in forming repeatability (mm) +/-0.1 +/-0.1
Bidirectional Autoindex stations 3 3
Opening of clamps (mm) 11 11
Automatic positioning clamps 2 2
Max. hit rate (1/min): Punching with 20 mm pitch 375 375
Nibbling with 1 mm pitch 1000 1000
Marking 2000 2000
Thickness range (mm) 0.6-6 0.6-5
Max weight at reduced axis spped (kg) 150* 150*
USB port 6 6
Installed power (kW) 8.5 8.5
Average consumption (kW/h) 4.5 4.5
Approx. weight (kg) X = 1300 6500
X = 2250 7000
X = 2500 7800 8800
Overall dimensions (mm) X = 1300 2240 x 3630
X = 2250 3980 x 3630
X = 2500 4840 x 3630 4840 x 3880

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