Bendicrop 60

GEKA Bendicrop60

Product Details

Bendicrop 60, universal ironworker with 2 cylinders and a bending station.
This punching shear has 5 workstations, making it unique on the market. The machine has an integrated bending station complying with CE standards.


Two cylinders ironworker with five workstations  Exclusive from GEKA.
There are two different versions of this model: S, (9 13/16″ throat) and SD (19 11/16″ throat).

Permanent bending station complying with CE standards.

Thanks to the blade holder’s vertical movement, machine has an excellent performance in all its five workstations:

  • punching
  • notching
  • shear for flat bars
  • angle cutting
  • cutting of round and square bars

Fitted with an anti-torque system to reduce deformation when shearing flat bars

The BENDICROP model is fitted with a touch and cut length stop and is delivered with two V-shaped bending dies of 1 9/16″ and 2 3/4″

  1. Permanent bending station complying with CE standards.
  2. Goose neck die-holder for punching of D and E sections on legs and webs. Quick tool change
  3. Angle shearing without loss of material. Wide range of openings for B and A
  4. Flat bar and plate shearing system with minimum deformation F miter shearing up to 45º
  5. Rectangular notching with table Also suitable for tube notching, rectangular notching, etc.
  6. Anti torque system for flat bar shearing without deformation
Shearing flat bars 14″ x 3/8″
(5º) 14″ x 1/2″
Punching Ø 1 1/2″ x 7¿16″
Shear of angle section L at 90º 5″ x 5″ x 3/8″
Bending 6″ x 3/8″
Notching (triangular) 4″ x 3/8″

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