Product Details

While the streamlined arm design gives easy access to parts in confined places, the slim robot profile permits close robot placement for high-density weld cells.

Axes Maximum motion range Maximum speed Allowable moment Allowable moment in inertia
degrees */sec N•m Kg•m2
S ±180 210
L +155/-105 210
U ±160/-86 220
R ±150 435 22 0.65
B +90 /-135 435 22 0.65
T ±210 700 9.8 0.17
Item Unit AR2010
Controlled axes 6
Maximum payload kg 12
Repeatability mm 0.03
Horizontal reach mm 2,010
Vertical reach mm 3,649
Weight kg 260
Internal user I/O cable 17 conductors w/ ground
Internal user air line (1) 3/8″ connection
Power requirements 380-480 VAC
Power rating kVA 2


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