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From humble beginnings in a small manufacturing facility in St. Paul, Minnesota, Wilson Tool International has added innovation, tooling divisions, manufacturing facilities, and sales channels around the world to better serve thousands of global customers.


Throughout our expansion, our mission has never wavered – we continue to offer products and services that help you, our customers, to be more successful.

Innovation is key at Wilson Tool International. It’s true what they say: no two jobs are the same. In manufacturing, change is the only constant. So, working with a press brake tooling supplier that’s flexible, nimble, and knowledgeable is important.

And be assured, with every order, you’ll always get our quality guarantee: Your success is our priority. If you’re ever unsatisfied with a Wilson Tool International product, we’ll do everything we can to make it right and keep you up and running.

We regularly help customers with their most challenging applications. Our innovative solutions simplify complex bends and make the impossible possible. We are defined by our “never say no” attitude. Bring us your most complex problem and we will work with you until we’ve found an effective solution.

Quality Materials — Quality Control
We combine premium materials with specialized manufacturing systems to produce extraordinary products that outlast the competition.

Quick Quotes — Short Lead Times
With the fastest lead times in the industry, our tool might ship before the competition even provides a quote.

To make a four-sided tray or door, the sides would traditionally be folded, the corners welded and the joint ground, to produce an acceptable finish. This process is time-consuming, costly, and requires a certain skill set. The Corner Former from Wilson Tool International allows you to use your existing press brake to bend up the corners, form the corners and then crop the edges to leave a clean, finished look without the need for welding, grinding, and finishing.

Adjustable dies are a great solution when bending thick materials and you need the flexibility to adjust the width of the V opening. Instead of buying several dies, adjustable dies enable you to alter the width, rather than changing out the die.

Adjustable Die Features
• Riding on spring-loaded ball bearings, openings are easily adjusted by one operator
• Available openings range from 1 to 24 inches and can be adjusted in 1-inch increments
• Capable of withstanding tonnage of up to 200 tons per foot, allowing easy thick material bending
• Induction hardened and hard chrome rollers help reduce required tonnage by as much as 20%
• Chrome rollers can be replaced at your facility

Dies that have a replaceable shoulder radius are ideal for extreme wear conditions like heavy plate and abrasive materials. Replacing the shoulder insert saves on replacement costs.

Since the radius is able to rotate during bending, friction and tonnage are reduced, resulting in reduced part marking and less tonnage on tooling and machinery.


Lighten Your Load with Two-Piece Punches
Replaceable radius punches help limit tooling costs, reduce setup time and lighten tool changes. Tip inserts simply slide on and off the universal punch body, increasing the flexibility of each punch and minimizing heavy lifting for the operator.

Replaceable Radius Punch Highlights
• Setup is as simple as sliding the tip insert on and off the tool body
• No adjustment is required between punch radius changes
• Tip is lighter than a standard punch for easier tool changes
• Lighter tools reduce the need for multiple operators
• Lighter tools create a safer handling environment for operators
• Tool costs are minimized when purchasing one body with multiple tips
• Various angles and radii can be loaded into the same punch holder

• Made to suit specific needs
• Designed to tackle light or heavy-duty bending
• Ground and induction hardened for optimal life and performance
• Dovetail or “T” style attachment feature

WT-Style Precision Tooling
• Precision ground (± .0004″)
• Compatible with Wila and Trumpf-Style tooling
• Sectionalized
• Push-button loading for quick setup
• Hydraulic holders for quick loading
• Nitrex® heat treated for longer life
• “Earpieces” for box bending and return flanges
• Laser marked with detail for easy tool identification
• Custom Specials Available

European Precision Tooling
• Precision ground (± .0004″)
• Shorter height, smaller, lighter punches for easy handling
• Sectionalized
• Staged tooling available
• Holders for quick loading
• Nitrex® heat-treated for long life
• “Earpieces” for box bending and return flanges
• Laser marked with detail for easy tool identification
• Custom Specials Available

American Precision Tooling
• Precision ground (± .0004″)
• Sectionalized
• Staged height for all angles
• Push-button loading for quick setup
• Hydraulic holders for quick loading
• Nitrex® heat treated for longer life
• “Earpieces” for box bending and return flanges
• Laser marked with detail for easy tool identification
• Custom Specials Available

American Conventional Tooling
• Planer Machined (± .002″)
• Commonly sold in longer, solid lengths of 10–14 ft.
• Standard hardness of 28-32 HRC
• Optional induction hardening and Nitrex® heat treatment available
• Economical alternative to precision ground tooling
• Available in a variety of tangs: American, WT, LVD & European
• Custom Specials Available

Custom Special Tooling – Available for All Tooling Styles
Our Tooling Technicians regularly help customers with their most challenging applications. Defined by a ‘never say no’ attitude, our innovative solutions simplify complex bends and make the impossible possible. Bring your most complex problem and we will work with you to find an effective solution. Contact a Tooling Technician today to get started!


Wilson Tool provides high-quality machine parts and accessories for your press brake. From measurement tools to storage solutions to options for eliminating sheet marking, we offer a full spectrum of extras to support your bending operation.

Storage Cabinets
Quick and easy tool access is key to increasing performance and safety. Horizontal and Vertical storage options are available to fit your needs for any style of press brake tool.

Mark-Free Solutions
Wilson Tool provides many options for reducing or eliminating sheet marking. Urethane dies and pads, and urethane or fabric drapes are common choices to help prevent sheet marking.

You have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a clamping system. Adding clamping capability is a proven way to dramatically reduce setup and changeover times. With solutions ranging from lightning speed hydraulic options to a deflection control system, to the most economical manual options, Wilson Tool International provides a clamping solution to renew every press brake.

Available in: W WT-Style Tooling E European Precision Tooling A American Precision Tooling




The Express Rail® family of clamping systems reduce setup times using a wireless or wired pendant control that clamps and seats your press brake tooling with the push of a button. Express Rail® 1000, our flagship model, as well as Express Rail® 2000, our entry-level premium clamping system, both work with any press brake and operate with WT-Style and American tooling. These clamps are designed to run punches that have grooved tangs.

Both options feature the following:
• Hydraulic power source
• Longer life due to a hardened body (1000 = 70 HRC; 2000 = 28–32 HRC)
• WT-Style and American tooling compatibility
• Simple push-button loading”

Wilson Tooling EXPRESS CLAMPS (E)


Express Clamps offer the ease and speed of manual lever operation to clamp and seat your tooling in seconds. It is available for virtually any make and model of press brake, adding new life to existing assets.

• Modular tool designed to fit in existing assets
• Precision crowning and micro tuning ability
• Substantially reduce setup times



Manual holders are an economical option to provide new functionality or create a new working surface in your existing press brake. By adding a holder, you can provide height and versatility to tooling as well as protection for the upper and lower beams. These holders will offer convenience, speed, and flexibility to your brake with little up-front investment.



By avoiding machine deflection, the Express Crowning® System creates precise parts, consistently parallel with every run. Featuring spot-on crowning and micro tuning ability — giving you options for controlling crowning power and securing the die.Wilson Tooling EXPRESS CROWNING® SYSTEM (WA)

Two control options for die securing:
• Set screws every inch on center for manual tightening
• Hydraulic control

Two options for crowning power:
• Hand crank with digital display
• Electric powered motor to crown the beam using the machine’s CNC control

Wilson Tooling POWER EXPRESS® (A)

PowerExpress® is a hydraulic clamping system designed to maximize your productivity with easy installation, long-term reliability, increased bending capabilities, and single operation clamp and seating. Works with most existing press brakes.

• Clamps and seats American non-grooved tang punches
• Clamps American dies
• Clamps tool segments as small as 12.7mm / .500″
• Low profile to maximize open height
• Modular design minimizes downtime if a repair is needed



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