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WILA’s versatile New Standard and American Style Tooling program offers a wide range of choices. WILA provides a wide range of New Standard and American Style Tooling for air bending as well as bottom bending applications. New Standard and American Style tools are modular and available in several standard lengths, which makes it possible to quickly achieve virtually any bending length.

  • New Standard Premium
  • New Standard Pro
  • American Style
  • American Vintage

The essence of the New Standard, American Style and American Vintage top tools is the patented safety mechanism Safety-Click®, which is part of the top tool. This enables the vertical change over of tool segments by simply clicking them in and out of the holder

The advantages of New Standard, American Style and American Vintage Toolingvertically. Safety-Click® also makes it possible to automatically change the tools in the New Standard line with a robot.

  • Quick and easy tool exchange
  • Exceptionally precise, safe and flexible
  • Unsurpassed in speed and precision
  • Construction according to the high WILA standards
  • Exceptionally long life span

The WILA app allows you to quickly perform extensive bending calculations. Such as pressing load and bend radius, but also including flange length. WILA has once again added some interesting new features!

The app now also features a conversion tool with no less than 6 conversion tables.

The  conversion tables are:

  • Metric tons/meter to US tons/foot
  • US tons/foot to Metric tons/meter
  • Mm to inch
  • Inch to mm
  • Kg to lbs
  • Lbs to kg

The Press Brake Productivity Tooladvisor also has many other features. For instance, WILA videos about press brake productivity are directly available via the ‘Press Brake Productivity Know How’ button. The desired language can be easily configured, as can the choice of metric or imperial measurement units. If you would like to receive timely productivity-related information, you can use the app to directly subscribe to our newsletter: the WILA Press Brake Productivity Letter.

 The latest version of this WILA app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Play Store. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.

With press brakes, the machine frames tend to deflect during the bending process. Without correction, the top tool does not penetrate the bottom die as deeply across the machine length, especially towards the center of the press brake. As a result, the bending angle is not constant over the entire length. WILA has developed a very advanced solution to this common problem.

WILA Crowning systems are characterized by their extremely compact design without any externally moving parts. Control often takes place automatically via a CNC drive motor integrated to the machine controller, eliminating the need for the press brake operator to make adjustments for machine deflection.

The basis of WILA Crowning is the patented ´WILA Wave´ opposing wave technology, by which the bottom tools are supported along the entire length. The opposing waves are provided with different slope angles, higher towards the center and shallower towards each end. By shifting the bottom wave in the longitudinal direction with a CNC-operated motor (standard 400V-3PH-50HZ) or with manual adjustment, a crown is created. In this way, the deflection of the entire press brake is automatically compensated proportionately to the entire machine length. The crowning system is also equipped with localized adjustments by which the crowning can be aligned over both the X axis (Tx, to correct alignment) and Y axis (Ty, to compensate for wear and machine tolerances). The New Standard and American Style crowning systems come standard equipped with an aluminum Cover Strip including an integrated ruler.

All New Standard Premium Crowning systems are outfitted with Guards as standard; with New Standard Pro and American Style Crowning systems Guards are optional.

WILA provides these systems in the following lines

  • New Standard Premium Crowning
  • New Standard Pro Crowning
  • American Style Crowning
  • Custom Style crowning

As indicated, the “WILA Waves” can be adjusted via CNC motor or via manual adjustment. On the New Standard Pro and American Style manual retrofit versions, these can have the operating mechanism for centralized crowning adjustment on the front right of the crowning unit. The advantage of this is that bottom tools can be slid into the tool adaptation from both sides and there is no interference for bending parts off the ends of the crowning systems.
All available adjustment options (right-hand side):

  • “CNC” means motorized at the end
  • “H” means manual at the end
  • “Hf” means manual in the front
  • “Hy” means hydraulic at the end (used with large units only)

WILA Clamping Systems are state of the art in every aspect. Their speed, reliability, safety, and overall performance are unrivaled. These qualities are packaged in a very compact design, without any external moving parts, providing maximum bending freedom. The clamping operation is quick and easy, and most often automatic. Clamping is achieved by means of a flexible hose which is integrated into the clamping system over the entire length, whereby hydraulic oil pressure (max 50 Bar) is transferred to the tools via hardened clamping pins.

If tooling changeover is not often required, there are also manual clamping systems in the program to select from. In the manual systems, clamping bolts are pushed against a strip, which position and center the tools. When the clamping is activated, all tools are automatically seated, centered and aligned.

WILA provides these systems in the following lines:

  • New Standard Premium Clamping
  • New Standard Pro Clamping
  • American Style Clamping

The WILA New Standard and American Style Clamping systems offer:

  • The fastest tool change over
  • Automatic clamping, seating and aligning
  • Individual clamping of each tool segment
  • Vertical and horizontal tool change over
  • Professional finish with an aluminum cover strip, including an integrated ruler
  • Available for use on all new or current press brakes


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