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Ultimate job shop flexibility

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Ultimate job shop flexibility


Mazak’s SPACE GEAR-U 44 delivers the flexibility to perform (1) high-speed 2D processing of sheet metal and plate, (2) 3D cutting of pre-formed parts and (3) 3D-rotary cutting of tube, pipe and structural. It is ideally suited for fabrication job shops seeking to diversify their markets, parts suppliers supplying hydro-formed or stamped parts and machine shops that are now machining thick plates or tubing.

In rotary mode, the SG-U 44 performs 2D and 3D cutting of tube, including rectangular, round, and triangular pipe as well as C, H, I and L-beams within a 6.0-inch diameter. The 5-axis torch and simultaneously controlled chuck let the SG-U 44 fabricate – in one operation – precise angle cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced contours such as saddle joint cuts. The 64-bit control incorporates illustrated fill-in-the-blank screens to quickly program such complex contours and other cuts.

With its multi-axis torch, the SG-U 44 also laser-cuts stamped, hydroformed and spun pre-formed parts as well as high-speed 2D cuts and bevels in flat material.

With a small footprint, the SG-U 44 can process any length pipe and up to 4’x4’x7/8” sheet.

Mazak’s Space CAM and FG CAD/CAM software options generate NC code from a 3D CAD drawing, imported or crafted in the system. Space CAM can also generate code for a slot-and-tab workholding fixture.


  • The SPACE GEAR-U 44 is a compact and affordable all-in-one 2D/3D laser center for maximum flexibility. Use its triple-mode, 6-axis capabilities to expand your shop’s horizons and raise yourself above the competition.
  • 2D mode is for flat sheet and plate cutting up to 49″ square and a full .87″.
  • 3D mode brings into play Mazak’s compact cutting head with ±360º A-axis and ±135º B-axis CNC rotary motions to quickly cut, pierce, and trim sculpted parts. Process tubes, pipes, and structural shapes by adding a CNC rotary axis.
  • SPACE GEAR-U 44 does much more than a 2D laser with rotary axis because of the added A- and B-axes angular capability.

3D Specifications 2.5kW 4.0kW
Machine Structure Flying Optic
Maximum Workpiece Dimensions 49.21 in x 49.21 in (2D) / 35.43 in x 35.43 in x 13.39 in (3D)
Maximum Workpiece Weight 606 lb 694 lb
Machine Travels                                                   X axis 50 in
  Y axis 50 in
  Z axis 16.54 in
  A axis +/- 360 degrees
  B axis +/- 135 degrees
  C axis +/- 360 degrees
Work Table Height 35.43 in
Maximum Material Thickness * Mild Steel 0.75 in 0.866 in
  Stainless Steel 0.314 in 0.393 in
  Aluminum 0.236 in 0.314 in
Motion Drive System Design X, Y axis Ball Screw Drive
  Z axis Ball Screw Drive
Number of Control Axes 6
Rapid Travel Speed                             X, Y, Z axis 944.68 ipm
  A, B axis 9,600 degrees/min
  C axis 12,000 degrees/min
Positioning Accuracy                                                X, Y axis 0.0004 in/19.68 in
Repeatable Accuracy                         X, Y, Z axis 0.0002 in
  A, B, C axis +/- 0.01 degrees
Maximum Processing Feedrate          X, Y axis 590.5 ipm
Total Electrical Requirement 49.7 kVA 68.5 kVA
Installation Dimensions                                            W x D 218 in x 224 in
Machine Unit Dimensions W x D x H 183.94 in x 120.28 in x 95.08 in
Machine Unit Weight 18,739 lb 19,621 lb
CNC Type Fanuc L-64
CPU 64 bit
Display Screen 10.4 in Color Liquid-Crystal Display
Memory Capacity 2800 yards
Position Detection System Encoder
Minimum Command Unit 0.0001 in/0.001 degree

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