Semi Paxy Series

Our Semipaxy product line brings the newest CNC automation and positioning technology to punching of steel.


This unit is equipped with programmable stops along the X- and Y-Axis. Mounted onto existing or new GEKA models with a minimum throat size of 500mm / 20″, our Semipaxy is available as part of an option package for our HYDRACROP S models (only available for 165 tons model), HYDRACROP SD or PUMA family of products.

Maximum Widths according to Model:

  • HYDRACROP or PUMA (500mm / 20″ throat) = 400mm / 15 3/4″ Y Gauging
  • HYDRACROP Models 110SD and 165 SD = 500mm / 20″
  • PUMA (750mm / 30″ throat) = 650mm / 25 5/8″ Y Gauging

Basic features:

  • Support chassis
  • Two servo motor-driven positioning carriages
  • Touch screen
  • Conveyor assembly consisting of independent servo drives along each axis, spindle and encoder units

Standard operation:

  • Program the coordinates of each position (absolute or by increments).
  • Run the application (sets the automated stops for the first position)
  • Place material securely against the stops and depress the punching pedal.
  • Once the cycle is complete, the automated stops reposition themselves for the next programmed location
  • Repeat the sequence until the end of the program

Additional Features
Rate of Motion (X-Axis) 0-470″/min
Rate of Motion (Y-Axis) 0-470″/min
Repeatability +/- .003″

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