Semi Paxy Series

Semi Paxy Series

Our Semipaxy product line brings the newest CNC automation and positioning technology to punching of steel.


This unit is equipped with programmable stops along the X- and Y-Axis. Mounted onto existing or new GEKA models with a minimum throat size of 500mm / 20″, our Semipaxy is available as part of an option package for our HYDRACROP S models (only available for 165 tons model), HYDRACROP SD or PUMA family of products.

Maximum Widths according to Model:

  • HYDRACROP or PUMA (500mm / 20″ throat) = 400mm / 15 3/4″ Y Gauging
  • HYDRACROP Models 110SD and 165 SD = 500mm / 20″
  • PUMA (750mm / 30″ throat) = 650mm / 25 5/8″ Y Gauging

Basic features:

  • Support chassis
  • Two servo motor-driven positioning carriages
  • Touch screen
  • Conveyor assembly consisting of independent servo drives along each axis, spindle and encoder units

Standard operation:

  • Program the coordinates of each position (absolute or by increments).
  • Run the application (sets the automated stops for the first position)
  • Place material securely against the stops and depress the punching pedal.
  • Once the cycle is complete, the automated stops reposition themselves for the next programmed location
  • Repeat the sequence until the end of the program

Additional Features
Rate of Motion (X-Axis) 0-470″/min
Rate of Motion (Y-Axis) 0-470″/min
Repeatability +/- .003″

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