PlateMaster II

PlateMaster II

Cutting stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum; the PlateMaster II can cut mild steel up to 12” and can utilize plasmas up to 800 amps.

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The PlateMaster II is a rugged steel, dual drive box beam gantry with heavy-duty floor mounted rail system, provides a platform for plasma and oxyfuel cutting. The rugged floor mounted rails machined from 90 lb/yd crane rail stock. Add heavy, internally gusseted end trucks to support the dual-box beam are the foundations for smooth motion. The PlateMaster II can support two high-performance plasma systems and up to six oxyfuel systems including the Messer ALFA Oxyfuel Torch system with integrated ignition and probe-less height control. Messer torch lifters provide a rugged, high-speed, low maintenance and provide rigid torch support resulting in the smoothest cut finish.
Cutting stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum; the PlateMaster II can cut mild steel up to 12” and can utilize plasmas up to 800 amps. It provides maintenance-free digital brushless AC drives, providing smooth motion and accurately cut parts. The feature-rich, easy to use, Global Control stands out among the competitions. With a compact touchscreen, you can access the process database which makes every operator an expert.


  • Cutting widths: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12′
  • Cutting length: up to 72′
  • Cut material from 26 ga. to 6” thick plate
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Up to 1400 ipm jog speed
  • Contouring speeds up to 400 ipm
  • Positioning speeds up to 1,400 ipm
  • Reinforced steel weldment construction with a highly rigid beam
  • Machined mating surfaces and bores (critical tolerances of 0.002” maintained)
  • Standard powertrack in both axes
  • Up to six Oxyfuel torch stations (maximum two plasma stations)
  • Up to two stations will cover full rated cutting width
  • Maintenance free digital brushless AC drives
  • Global Controls is Windows® based for easy-to-use operator interface with a compact touch screen
  • Left hand mounted control console tilts and swivels for operator comfort
  • SureStop Collision Sensor allows easy and accurate reset
  • Virtual Service remote consultation and diagnostics
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to machine tool and ISO 230-2 standards


  • Precision Plasma up to 800 amps
  • Turbo Flame™ or ALFA Oxyfuel torches
  • Advanced Oxyfuel technology with Omniflow automated gas regulation system
  • Torch igniter, and automatic height control for Oxyfuel systems
  • High speed Messer Cutting Systems programmable lifters (300 ipm plasma, 150 ipm oxy-fuel)
  • Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit for X-Axis.
  • Various lifters
  • SensoMat® – PAN height sensing
  • Various plate markers: Plasma, Air Scribe, Pneumatic Punch, Zinc Powder, and Ink Jet
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Laser Pointer
  • Global Reporter
  • Glare curtains
  • Programming and nesting software
  • Zoned exhaust tables, including self-cleaning Slagger®
  • Messer dust collection systems
  • Exhaust ducting kits
  • Sentry Service preventative maintenance program
  • Flex Zone
  • Pipe and Tube cutting


Table Width

Rail Gauge

Minimum Machine Clearance

PlateMaster 6’




PlateMaster 8’




PlateMaster 10’




PlateMaster 12’




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