Mazak’s OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL utilizes Direct Diode laser cutting, an exclusive breakthrough laser platform that delivers elevated performance and reliability compared to that of a traditional fiber system. It changes the game with faster cutting speeds than fiber generators of like power and wall-plug efficiencies of 45% as compared to 35% for fiber.


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Mazak’s Optiplex DDL series delivers higher performance and reliability than than traditional fiber or other solid state laser generation systems. This machine series utilizes a flying optics, is equipped, the new cutting-edge PreviewG control with 19” SXGA TFT touch screen monitor, and it incorporates Intelligent Multi-Control Torch HP-D and Nozzle Changer technology; which increases end user productivity by allowing the machine to optimize the torch setup automatically per program.

This machine automatically optimizes torch setup per program to dramatically improve cut speeds, increase throughput and require less operator intervention, and delivering more predictable processing day-after-day.

  • Faster cutting speeds than fiber generators of like power
  • Wall-plug efficiencies of 45% as compared to 35% for fiber
  • New PreviewG control and drive package

The Optiplex DDL incorporates Mazak’s Intelligent setup and monitoring functions: Auto Nozzle Changing, Auto Focus Position, Focus Detection, Auto Profiler Calibration, Auto Nozzle Cleaning, Pierce Detection, Plasma Detection, Burn Detection.

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2D Specifications 4.0kW
Machine Structure Flying Optics
Maximum Workpiece Dimensions 60.039 in x 120.078 in
Maximum Workpiece Weight 2,050 lbs
Machine Travels X axis 122.05 in
  Y axis 62.20 in
  Z axis 4.33 in
Work Table Height 35.43 in
Maximum Material Thickness * Mild Steel 1.000 in
  Stainless Steel 0.750 in
  Aluminum 0.630 in
Motion Drive System Design X, Y axis Rack and Pinion Drive
  Z axis Ball Screw Drive
Number of Control Axes 3
Positioning Accuracy X, Y axis

Z axis

0.0002 in/19.68 in

0.0004 in/3.94 in

Repeatable Accuracy X, Y axis 0.0012 in
Maximum Processing Feedrate X, Y axis 2,362 ipm
Total Electrical Requirement 57kVA
Installation Dimensions W x D 394 in x 240 in
Machine Unit Dimensions W x D x H 334.21 in x 137.2 in x 79.13 in
Machine Unit Weight 36,373 lbs
CNC Type MAZAK PreviewG
CPU 64 bit
Display Screen 15 in Color LCD (TFT)
Memory Capacity 16 GB (program memory capacity: 1 GB)
Position Detection System Encoder
Minimum Command Unit 0.0001 in
Program Input System EIA/ISO

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