Marvel SERIES 2150A-PC3S-60


SERIES 2150A-PC3S-60 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

The best just got better; our series 2150A-PC3S now comes with electric tilt mitering 60 degrees left and right. 2150 has a user-friendly PC3 Programmable Control with automatic settings for speed and feed with a blade speed range of 30-500 FPM. This PC3 Programmable Control can hold up to 500 jobs and parts stored internally or on a removable media. There is a direct force sensing electric feed which combines more consistent feed force with greater control.

Featuring a patented Cam Link Tilt design which offers smooth, rapid and accurate tilting for a wide array of cutting needs. A 48 inch Servo Drive Automatic Index comes standard for faster indexing and improved positioning controls provide for shuttle travel up to 60 FPM with improved accuracy while greatly reducing cycle times. Optionally extended feed systems are available for 8, 13 and 18-foot bar feed lengths.

NOTE: Metric specifications represent nearest SI Unit converted from the basic U.S. Customary Unit
Capacity Rectangles Rounds
 Nominal 20″ x 25″ (508 mm x 635 mm) 20″ (508 mm)
Blade at 45° 20″ x 17″ (508 mm x 432 mm) 17″ (432 mm)
Blade at 60° 20″ x 11.25″ (508 mm x 285 mm) 11.25″ (285 mm)
Blade Dimensions 18′ 2″ (5537 mm) long x 1.5″ (41 mm) wide, .05″ (1.27 mm)
One Welded-Edge Band is furnished with each machine as part of standard start-up supplies
Blade Drive 7.5 HP, 1800 RPM
Blade Speed 30-500 FPM (9-200m/min) – Infinitely Variable Blade speed can be automatically set when material is selected
Table Height 40″