Mach 700 Series

Mach 700 Series

The Mach 700 Series is the ideal waterjet cutting solution for heavy industry, large in format and designed for demanding environments. This machine cuts with astounding speed, driving overall part processing times down. Built for strength and speed with all-steel construction to handle high demands and engineered to order, the Mach 700 will nicely integrate into your current production.



The Mach 700 series is the ideal waterjet cutting solution for heavy industry. Make a big impact on your bottom line with Flow’s Mach 700, with astounding speed, driving overall part processing times down, and, is engineered for strength and speed, built with all-steel construction to handle heavy duty use 24/7.


  • Efficiently process large format parts
  • Excels in demanding, heavy industry environments
  • Smooth motion for precision cutting
  • Reduce cycle time with fast and nimble acceleration & deceleration
  • Total solution complete with service, software, and cutting-edge technology
  • Guarantee uptime with service solutions for parts, training, and maintenance

Machine Sizes

  • 4080
  • 40150
  • 40240
  • 5080
  • 50240

Rapid Traverse Maximum: up to 1,417 in/min [36 m/min]

Linear Straightness Accuracy: ± 0.0015 in per 3 ft [± 0.0381 mm/m]

Repeatability: ± 0.001 in [± 0.03 mm]

Linear Straightness Accuracy: ± 0.0015 in per 3 ft / ± 0.0381 mm/m

Rapid Traverse Maximum: 1417 in/min / 36 m/min

Repeatability: ± 0.001 in / ± 0.03 mm

Z Travel: 12 in, 24 in / 305 mm, 610 mm

Base: 26 ft, 50 ft, 79 ft / 8 m, 15 m, 24 m

Bridge: 13 ft, 16 ft / 4 m, 5 m

Acceleration: 0.1 G

Ballbar Circularity: ± 0.0025 in / ± 0.0635 mm

Core Component Options

Cutting Head Technology
The Mach 700 can be configured as a single or dual bridge system, with multiple cutting heads available.

Dynamic Waterjet® XD
Get accurate 5-axis motion with Flow’s Dynamic XD 3D bevel cutting technology. Capable of cutting compound angles with high accuracy, Dynamic XD is the fastest, most accurate, cutting head with the greatest amount of flexibility.

Flow’s standard cutting head technology is bes-in-class. Using ultrahigh-pressurized water mixed with abrasive, create a high-speed waterjet stream capable of cutting virtually any hard material via supersonic erosion. Get the flexibility for underwater or above water operation, and abrasive or pure waterjet cutting.

Dynamic Waterjet®
Increase the speed and accuracy of your Mach 700 with Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet cutting head technology. SmartStream technology controls an articulated wrist to automatically tilt, compensating for stream lag and taper.

Pump Technology
Each pump can be fully integrated into the Mach 700 system.

The most robust, advanced ultrahigh-pressure waterjet pump system available, with continuous operating pressures of 6,000 bar [87,000 psi].

Hyplex Prime®
Hyplex Prime is the highest pressure, most advanced direct drive pump available today, with pressures rated at 4,150 bar [60,000 psi].

Exclusive Gold Standard single, mechanically-shifted 60,000 psi [4,150 bar] extended seal life intensifier with ceramic plungers minimize seal wear for improved longevity and durability.

Waterjet Software Suites

Intelligence is built right in to the Mach 700. Easy to use Flow waterjet software suites allow you to program a part quickly–any material, any thickness.

FlowXpert® 2016
Fully integrated 3D modeling and waterjet pathing software that is uncomplicated, easy, and fast for maximum efficiency of the Mach 700.

Take the guesswork out of making high quality parts, regardless of operator skill level, with FlowPath’s easy-to-use CAD drawing tools.

Speed up production of your Mach 700 with FlowCut’s machine controller – a smart and easy-to-use machine control software.

Gain production efficiency with advanced batch processing that allows input of several large nesting jobs.  With a simple input by the operator, FlowNest automatically nests your parts.


  • Roll-Around Control
  • High-Performance Package
  • Operator Convenience Package
  • UltraPierce™
  • Laser Edge Finder
  • Part Removal Wand
  • Dynamic Contour Follower
  • Closed Loop Water Filtration
  • Closed Loop Chiller
  • Spray Shields
  • ProXtract Part Extractor
  • Pneumatic Drillhead


  • HyPlex® Prime rated at 60,000 psi [4,150 bar]
  • UltraJet 60,000 psi [4,150 bar]
  • HyperJet® rated at 94,000 psi [6,500 bar]
  • FlowPath™
  • FlowCut™
  • FlowNest®
  • FlowXpert® 2016


  • Pure Waterjet
  • Standard Abrasive Waterjet
  • Programmable Z-axis
  • Dynamic Waterjet®
  • Dynamic Waterjet® XD
  • Dual Bridge
  • Multiple Cutting Heads