The VW-18 II is a semi-automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 60° left to 60° right.


HYDMECH Semi-automatic Vertical Band Saw

This model is one of a kind in the HYDMECH line up with its saw head that can cut at 90° and be adjusted to cut at a 3° head cant.

Now available with optional powered head tilt and digital angle display.

Featuring a 22″H x 18″W capacity, 5 HP motor, and 1 1/4″ blade, the VW18 II is a reliable choice for all your light to medium-duty, vertical metal cutting applications.

Rectangular Capacity at 90° 22” H x 18” W 558 mm H x 457 mm W
Round Capacity at 90° 17.5″ 438 mm*
* If cutting a round piece larger than 12.5”, tall square vise inserts are required. Please note that tall square vise inserts allow for 90° cuts only.
Blade Dimensions 1.25” x 16’3” 34 mm x 4978 mm
Blade Drive 5 HP VFD 3.75 kW VFD
Blade Speed 65-385 sfm 19-117 m/min
Coolant Tank Capacity 12 US gal 45 liters
Machine Weight 2700 lbs 1227 kg
Machine Dimensions 36” W
95” L
96” H
914 mm W
2413 mm L
2438 mm H

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