The V-20 is a semi-automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 60° left to 60° right.


HYDMECH Semi-Automatic Vertical Band Saw

Its standard 4-degree forward approach angle provides increased efficiency in the cutting of structural materials. Conveniently located on an articulating console on the front of the machine. The NEW WINDOWS 5.0 Touch Screen NC controller operates the Semi-Automatic cycle and allows for Manual operation as well. A wide variety of languages can be chosen for message screen display.

The double miter angle operation has an angle “Go To” function, which allows the operator to enter 2 desired angles up to 60 degrees and have the machine

Featuring a 25″H x 20″W capacity, 10 HP VFD motor, and 1 1/2″ blade, the V-20 is a reliable choice for all your vertical metal cutting applications.

Rectangular Capacity at 90° 25” H x 20” W 635 mm H x 508 mm W
Round Capacity at 90° 20″ 508 mm
Blade Dimensions 1.5” x 19’3” 41 mm x 5880 mm
Blade Drive 10 HP VFD 7.5 kW VFD
Blade Speed 65-400 sfm 19-121 m/min
Coolant Tank Capacity 20 US gal 75 liters
Machine Weight 4200 lbs 1909 kg
Machine Dimensions 70” W
128” L
112” H
1178 mm W
3251 mm L
2844 mm H

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