The H-40/40 is a semi-automatic horizontal band saw providing accurate 90° metal cutting for heavy-duty applications.


HYDMECH Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

The H-40/40 has a workload capacity of 50,000 lbs. A 5 HP driven hydraulic pump supplies system pressure through three position directional valves controlling all vising, head up/down, blade tension, guide arm, and shuttle movement.

It’s PLC control digitally displays blade speed, feed rate, head up limit position, and cut elapsed time, and time remaining.

Featuring a 40″ x 40″ capacity, 20 HP motor, and 3″ blade, the H-40/40 is a reliable choice for all your heavy-duty horizontal metal cutting applications.

Rectangular Capacity at 90° 40” H x 40” W
Blade Size 3″ x 37′
Blade Drive 20 HP
Operation Manual


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