Designed for high production cutting with a carbide tipped blade, the H-14A is unlike anything on the market.


HYDMECH’s H-14A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

With an enclosed design for superior safety, the H-14A uses 66% less energy than competing models due to on-demand hydraulics which only operates when needed. It’s 0.98” remnant length option reduces material waste, saving you money!

Featuring a powerful 8.8 HP variable frequency drive motor, the H-14A has a heavy-duty shuttle vise powered by a ball screw and vector motor. This provides material indexing up to 24” in a single stroke with multi-indexing capability. Save money with its split front vise, where the material is clamped on both sides of the saw blade. This reduces the breakaway burr and improves the surface finish of the cut. A cast iron guide arm mechanically connected to the front vise movable jaw provides proper guide arm spacing to fit the material being cut.
A touch screen controller operates the automatic cycle and allows for manual operation.

With a 1 ¼” blade and 14” x 14” capacity, the H-14A is the ideal band saw for all your straight cuts.

Rectangular Capacity at 90° 14” H x 14” W
Blade Size 1 1/4″ x 15′ 2″
Blade Drive 8.8 HP
Operation Automatic

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