Flex Machine Tools FlexCNC G-Series Model is gantry style machining that ranges in size from 10’ to 80’ long and 4’ to 10’ wide . In addition to the standard sizes, machines can be customized to fit your specific needs. Machining long or large parts is easier with the FlexCNC.

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The Flex CNC G-Series is capable of high-speed drilling and milling of long or large parts in one setup with minor repositioning. This machine is available in three different spindle tapers; CT/BT40, HSKA100, with two different RPM options 10,000RPM, or 12,000RPM offering a maximum peak torque capability of 220 ft/lbs. The G-Series Model features a monobloc, welded steel frame with high rigidity and a T-slot machine bed for easy fixturing.

Milling Model
XYZ: 240″/72″/24″
CT50 or HSKA100
Rigid Tapping
Double Guides X
10,000 RPM – 33HP
12,000 RPM – 74HP
ATC – CT50 – x20


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