Accurpress Advantage

Rocker Arm

Accurpress Advantage Rocker Arm

The Accurpress Advantage Rocker Arm has stood the test of time with thousands of machines shipped all over North America. Offered in a wide range of available sizes from 25 tons to 3000 tons.


The unique design of the Accurpress Advantage hydraulic “Rocker Arm” press brake has been tried and proven in a vast number of shops ranging from high precision sheet metal to heavy fabrication. This machine maintains high-repeat accuracy over years of consistent usage. An optional package, the Advantage Package, adds proportional valve and dual ram encoders that enhance the overall full-length bending accuracy for off-center and stage bending applications.

These standard features are what have made the Rocker Arm so capable of handling a wide variety of application demands.

Unique Design: The unique “Rocker Arm” Design of the Advantage machine been tried and proven in a vast number of shops ranging from high precision sheet metal to heavy fabrication applications. A torque Tube connecting the side frames gives exceptional stability through the forming process.

Power Ram Tilt: The power ram tilt adjustment allows for easily leveling the ram, optimizing ram trim to match various tooling characteristics and doing fade out work. It is easily adjusted via push buttons located on the operator control station.

High Repeat Accuracy:+/- 0.001 Repeat accuracy thanks to the superior hydraulic design and encoder systems. Upgrade the hydraulics to achieve even better accuracy of +/- 0.0004

Hydraulics: Side mounted Hydraulics allow for easy access to all components and are underneath a removable protective cover. All high quality North American parts are easily replaced if necessary.

Tool Compatibility: The Advantage comes equipped with the American tool style manual clamping system. Hydraulic clamping systems from other major manufactures such as Wila and Wilson can also be installed.

Flush Floor Mount: The heavy I-beam design on larger Accurpress models greatly reduces bed deflections to achieve optimum forming quality and eliminates the need for below-the-floor bed members on models up to 600 ton capacities, except for few smaller tonnage models of twenty foot and above lengths.


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