Accurpress Accell U

Accurpress Accell U

The Accell U is an upgraded package that builds on already impressive standard features of the Accell E hydraulic press brake. Equipped with material compensation features that provide real-time positional adjustments based on material differences.


The Accell U hydraulic press brake by Accurpress is an upgrade package that builds on the impressive features of the Accell E, providing additional flexibility and functionality. This machine offers the ultimate bending precision of +/-0.0002 repeat and +/-0.0004 parallelism positional accuracies across the length of the press brake. The built-in COMP package compensates for the small differences in the metal being formed, enhancing overall bending accuracy.

This specialized machine can handle any forming challenge or production run with ease.

Throat Depth: 16” Throat Depth on machines up to 250 ton models. 18” Throat Depth on 350 – 500 ton models.

Double Bending Speed: On models up to 350 tons: Standard Bending Speed can be doubled from 24” to 48” IPM enabling maximum productivity over production runs.

Control Screen Upgrade: The Vision Screen features the robust Beckhoff control head complete with keyboard/ mouse tray and additional USB port.

Optional ETS3000 Control: This option offers consistency for shops already familiar with the ETS3000 control.

Additional Stroke Lengths/Open Height: This upgrade package provides optional additional Open Height and Stroke Lengths.

Material Compensation Features: Material Thickness Sensing, Teach Crowning and Pressure Compensation all provide real-time positional adjustments based on material variance.

Front Bed Machining: Front bed machined for (OPTIONAL) Precision Sheet Supports and/or Sheet Follower System. These can easily be added for future retrofits.

The 4-point Roller Ways System: Provides the needed stability in Ram Motion for even larger custom Open Height and Stoke Lengths.


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