Process Analysis

Capital works with customers to evaluate alternative methods, demonstrate potential results, select machines, install new equipment, train operators and provide ongoing service support, all of which are part of the Capital Advantage.
In an on-going effort to support the metal fabrication industry, Capital continues to grow in Virginia and the Carolinas.

During this growth period, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary Process Analysis. A Process Analysis consists of our Sales Engineer(s) evaluating and recommending potential process improvements for your operations.

In addition to relocating several experienced team members to the region, new members are being added to the staff as well as new builders. Capital has recently added Costa Sanders, a leading supplier of industrial sanding and brushing machines and Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc., designing and manufacturing the highest quality metal cutting saws.

Capital intends to develop a top-notch team of dedicated personnel and builders that are committed to providing customers with the highest level of technology, integrity, and support.

Our team of professionals includes Application Engineers, Welding Engineers, Process Specialists, 20 Service Engineers and a highly experienced management staff. Three Training Centers across the South helps provide opportunities for customers and employees to receive exposure and training for the latest technologies.

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Please fill out the form for your designated region to schedule a complimentary on-site Process Analysis. If you are interested in a Process Analysis but, are not listed in one of the areas mentioned below please, feel free to call our office at 1-800-635-7777 and we will get you connected to your local Salesman.

Let us introduce your local Sales Engineers:

Shaun Reiff Branch Manager Carolinas and Virginia

Shaun Reiff
Branch Manager
Carolinas & Virginia

Chris Gilmore Sales Engineer Western Virginia and West North Carolina

Chris Gilmore
Sales Engineer
W. Virginia
& W. North Carolina

Dewey Thomas
Sales Engineer
West South Carolina

David Scurlock
Sales Engineer
Central & East Virginia