You are invited to a special event hosted by Capital Machine Technologies, Inc. and present by Mazak Optonics Corp. This event will be focused on LASER TECHNOLOGY TRENDS hosted at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Here are the top 5 laser-cutting trends as recognized by Mazak in the fabrication industry that will drive the future of laser processing.

  1. Higher power increases performance and throughput
  2. High pressure shop air cutting reduces cost-per-part
  3. New nozzle technology lowers gas consumption and increases cut speed
  4. Laser automation adds flexibility and capacity
  5. 3D laser-cutting meets the needs of growing structural steel utilization

To learn more, read The future of laser-cutting technology is here with these five trends leading the way written by Marc Lobit, General Manager of Sales Support at Mazak Optonics Corp. In his blog post, Marc touches on the advancements in high power laser-cutting, the best fit nozzle for specific applications, how air pressure effects cost-per-part and more.

This is a limited-seating event. Make sure to secure your spot by registering TODAY!