Manufacturer of Aftermarket Truck Kits finds Bending Efficiency with New Press Brakes

A customer of Capital Machine, Rough Country (one of the nation’s largest sellers of lift kits and suspension products for utility vehicles and trucks in the U.S.), sought out the assistance of our Sales Engineer, Jeff Price. They found themselves in a predicament; their press brakes were slowing down production.

They had a large press brake that was operating slowly. Which is an issue in a manufacturing facility where brake operators are expected to run a minimum amount of strokes per day.

There are also two smaller press brakes that were quicker. However, they need tweaking after some jobs to dial in the specified tolerances for the job. That takes time to do and obviously minimizes productivity.

To keep up with demand, Rough Country manufacturing management began the search for new press brake technology in 2018. Jeff Price, invited Jeff Epperson, Rough Country’s Manufacturing Manager, to go see an SafanDarley electric press brake in action at a customer’s location and Epperson liked what he saw. As a result, Rough Country purchased the 88-ton E-Brake 80-2550 and had it installed in December 2018.

Capital Machine and the introduction to the SafanDarley line of electric press brakes resolved Rough Country’s press brake conundrum. Read the fully story on The Fabricator.