Series 3200

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Boost performance with The Series 3200

It’s performance that counts, not the size of your shop. Whether you’re a large or small shop the Series 3200 is ideal for high production deburring and finishing. That’s because whether you’re deburring stamped parts or improving edges in punched areas, the 3200 Series makes the job a breeze. With the 3200 Series you will increase process quality and never have to worry about downtime. In short, you can trust them with all your finishing project needs. Big on throughput, and scrupulous on details, the Series 3200 boosts performance no matter the size of your shop.


Series 3200 specifications eatured on all models

  • Centralized control panel
  • 8″ diameter drum and brush
  • 75″ belt length
  • 32″ infeed loading area
  • 11″ minimum part length
  • 0-6″ opening
  • 15-45 FPM feed speed A/C (reversing)
  • Double infeed & outfeed hold down rolls
  • Electronic “Go-To” device
  • Digital thickness readout
  • Cam adjustable contact drums
  • Dial indicators on drum heads
  • Main motor load meter
  • Disc brakes on main motors
  • Quick release outboard support
  • Through-beam abrasive belt tracking
  • Four bed jacks
  • Motorized lift
  • Infeed stop bar
  • Hour meter
  • UL listed controls
  • Options
  • Transformer to 230/208V
  • Magnetic chuck
  • Larger motors
  • Wet dust collector
  • 10′ Radius duct package