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Mazak Optics Corp.

Automation & Flexible Manufacturing

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The benefits that result from a company implementing laser automation are profound. A typical standalone laser is utilized only a fraction of the useable workweek. It sits idle while waiting for setup or material, as well as during lunch breaks and off hours. Owners who track actual laser cut time are almost always shocked to see the reality of the underutilization of such a major asset.Automation systems allow capacity to flex through with lights-out operation, without the burden of adding manpower. It also makes one-piece flow more practical, while producing short-run efficiencies that will reduce non value-added fabricating time. The bottom line is typically up to a 50% increase in capacity as compared to standalone machines and a significant reduction in lead times.Mazak was the first manufacturer to introduce laser cutting machines into a Flexible Manufacturing System. Today we offer:

  • Load/Unload Cells
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Automated Parts Sorting
  • Factory Automation



Compact automation for OPTIPLEX Series machines

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The Compact Manufacturing Cell consists of a 10 pallet stocker which can be supplied with up to 2,200 lbs. of various materials up to 1 inch thick. The materials are then automatically loaded and unloaded between the stocker and laser machine.

While a pallet of material is being processed, the system selects a new pallet from the stocker. Once the original pallet is finished processing, it is unloaded from the machine and the new pallet is loaded. Then, the processed pallet is moved to be sorted or stored in the stocker.

The loading and unloading of materials occur on the same side of the Compact Manufacturing Cell, resulting in a reduced traffic line and smaller footprint than similar systems. The system also does not require micro joints to keep cut parts and the skeleton attached, which further simplifies processing.

An optional sorting station for better access to the cut parts and a work lifter are also available to customize the Compact Manufacturing Cell.


Flexible automation solutions


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Automation systems allow capacity to flex through utilizing lights-out operation without the burden of adding man-power. It also makes one-piece flow more practical, while producing short run efficiencies that will reduce non-value added fabricating time. The bottom line is typically upto a 50% increase in capacity as compared to standalone machines and a significant reduction in lead times.

Analysis of what type of automation approach will best meet your needs is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Mazak utilizes a modular or building block approach that enables future growth. Key determining factors for the type of automation you purchase is the desired throughput and the amount of variation in material type and thickness.

Mazak’s EXTENSIBLE MANUFACTURING CELL is modular in design which enables you to modify your configuration as your needs change, including the number of machines within the cell.

EXTENSIBLE MANUFACTURING CELLS typically include at a minimum:

  • Material storage
  • A material transfer system
  • System control
  • Material unload


  • Flexible manufacturing system
  • Load/Unload


Flexible solutions to increase through-put


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Located in Milan, Italy, Tekmag was founded in 1999 with the aim to offer innovative storage solutions for a diverse and growing customer base. Throughout the years, Tekmag has collaborated with its clients to develop precisely customized automation systems, in addition to its full range of standard products.

Tekmag’s standard product line includes a broad collection of automation and storage solutions ranging from sheet load/unload systems to automated storage/retrieval systems. Each product operates with Mazak Line Controller software which offers a significant increase in efficiency by minimizing machine downtimes. Tekmag also carries compact vertical systems which are able to automatically and quickly move large volumes of material while occupying minimal space.


  • Compact vertical cell
  • Tower including load/unload shelf systems
  • Automated storage/retrieval system