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Mazak Optics Corp.

SpaceGear U44 2D/3D Laser Cutting Machines

SpaceGear U44 is a compact and affordable all-in-one 2D/3D laser center for maximum flexibility. Use its triple-mode, 6-axis capabilities to expand your shop’s horizons and raise yourself above the competition.

2-D mode is for flat sheet and plate cutting up to 49″ square and a full .87″ thickness using our most powerful laser resonator. Slice through steel, stainless, and aluminum more productively than ever.

3-D mode brings into play Mazak’s compact cutting head with ±360º A-axis and ±135º B-axis CNC rotary motions to quickly cut, pierce, and trim sculptured parts. Process tubes, pipes, and structural shapes by adding a CNC rotary axis and long material loader. SpaceGear-U44 does much more than a 2D laser with rotary axis because of the added A- and B-axes angular capability.

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