Catching up with Brennan Palmiter

In The Welder’s January/February edition Amanda Carlson caught up with Capital Machine’s Brennan Palmiter.

Brennan had begun his career at the age of 16, driving an FMA-sponsored race car, was a teen spokesperson for welding and the trades and was earning his associates degree while in high school. At the age of 18, Brennan joined the Marine Corps, where he spent five years in service.

Now at the age of 25, Brennan is following a different path from that of being a race car driver. Today, he is part of the Capital Robotics team (a subsidiary of Capital Machine Technologies) in Dallas, Texas.

Brenna became interested in working with robotics and got connected with a recruiter who mentioned Capital Robotics. From the moment he visited Capital’s Technology Center in Atlanta, Georgia and had an interview, he felt like it was a good fit.

In his current role, Palmiter will be evaluating customers applications to see if a robot would reduce their cost and increase their production capabilities.

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