Capital Machine & Modern Machinery Announce Merger

Capital Machine Technologies, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and Modern Machinery, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, are pleased to announce their merger, creating a powerhouse in the metal fabricating equipment industry, effective January 2024.

This strategic merger brings together the strengths and expertise of two industry leaders, establishing a unified entity with the goal of providing unparalleled solutions and services to customers in the metal fabrication sector. The combined strengths of Capital Machine Technologies and Modern Machinery will enable the newly formed entity to offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions and support to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The merger will result in a broader and more advanced portfolio of metal fabricating equipment, ensuring that customers have access to the best solutions in the industry.
With a highly trained and skilled staff from both organizations, the merged entity is poised to deliver exceptional service to customers. The focus on service excellence will be a cornerstone of the new organization. The combined headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and Indianapolis, Indiana, strategically position the merged entity to serve a wider geographic area efficiently.
The merger will facilitate the sharing of technological advancements and innovation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the development and delivery of cutting-edge solutions.

We are confident that this merger will unlock significant opportunities for growth and innovation, ultimately enabling us to deliver even greater value to our customers.