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Accell High Tonnage Applications

Available from 685 ton to 3,000 ton, Accell is your solution for profitable forming of large parts and heavy plate.

  • Two complete Independent Hydraulic Packages mounted on exterior of side housings
  • Back of machine clear of obstructions eliminating forming concerns with huge plates
  • Lower start voltage
  • An optional crane may also be mounted on top of side frames to assist with handling of large parts

High Tonnage Accurpress Accell

Tandem Accell


High Tonnage Productivity Options


High Tonnage Special Customized FeaturesSpecial Customized Features

Accurpress offers a host of unique and special customized features to perfectly suit applications for heavy fabrication forming, including widened bed caps with welded gussets to compliment the specialized tooling packages required for these jobs.





Titan Backgauge

Accurpress designed the Titan Backgauge specifically for heavy structural plate applications. Every component is engineered and sized to withstand massive forces and shock loads.





Heavy Duty Clamping & Crowning Option

Heavy Duty
Customized Tooling Packages

Accurpress offers a complete range of customized and heavy duty tooling for high tonnage and unique metal fabrication jobs, such as Crownable Channel-lock Adjustable Dies. Adjustability of the risers provides the press brake operator maximum flexibility to accommodate an assortment of material sizes.



Titan Sheet Followers

Titan Sheet Followers

The Accell Sheet Following System follows material during the bend. The Sheet Follower table is fully synchronized with bend speed and bend angle. The descent speed is operator adjustable and the system can be activated by step.





Wila High Tonnage Claming & CrowningWila High Tonnage
Clamping & Crowning

Heavy duty hydraulic ram clamping and crowning systems built by Wila can be fully integrated into high tonnage Accurpress models to facilitate the concern of high concentrated loads and maximize time-saving measures for tooling changes.




Increased Ram Stroke & Open Height

Increased Ram Stroke
& Open Height

A variation of increased stroke lengths and/or open height adjustment options are made available in order to allow and adjust for the appropriate window opening required for unique and special forming jobs.