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Hydraulic Press Brakes

Capital Machine has represented Accurpress for over 15 years and has installed over 1,500 machines. Capital displays a large number of Accurpress Shears and Press Brakes in our Technology Showrooms and also stock parts in our warehouse locations and our Service vans. Capital’s Service Engineers are all factory-trained to handle any customer need.



The Accurpress Edge is engineered with finesse and to the demanding standards of all Accurpress products.

This press brake is suited for the precision market looking for Y1/Y2 technology with affordability. The Edge is manufactured in select tonnage ranges and is available with the Accurpress Premium backgauge as well as additional specific options such as integrated crowning and hydraulic bed and ram tool clamping.



The Accurpress Accell features high precision, high speed, high versatility. Repeat accuracies and parallelism accuracies of +/-0.0004″ are achieved via advanced closed-loop, servo-hydraulics technology.

accurpress absolute press brake

The Accurpress Absolute press brake is configured to provide both high quality and a standardized package to fit the metal forming requirements of many sheet metal fabrication industries within North America, in model ranges from 50 through 250 tons and up to 14′ bed lengths.





The optional Accurpress Advantage package is an economical solution for off-center and stage bending applications.

The Advantage press brake delivers +/- 0.0004″ repeat accuracies via a Proportional Valve Hydraulic System. A Dual Ram Feedback system, with encoders mounted at each end of the Accurpress, measures the bending cycle and compensates the ram accordingly when unequal forces are applied across the length.